THEAMA – Inclusive Theatre  has scheduled three virtual online workshops, within the framework of the Creative Europe project D.I.V.A – Diversity, Inclusion and Visibility in Arts,  as follows:

WORKSHOP 1 – 10/05/2023 conducted by Vassilis Oikonomou on Social Model of Disability and Inclusive Theatre Practices; 

WORKSHOP 2 – 31/05/2023 conducted by Vassilis Oikonomou on the Disabled Director’s Perspective and Approach to Inclusive Theatre Practices, and 

WORKSHOP 3 – 14/06/2023 conducted by Sofia Stavrakaki on the Non-Disabled Director’s Perspective and Approach to Inclusive Practices in Performing Arts.

The workshops will be conducted in English, are mainly addressed to Trainers/Facilitators interested in Inclusive Theatre Practices, but we also encourage the participation of disabled/non-disabled performers who wish to explore an inclusive approach to theatre and the performing arts. Workshops are designed as friendly for disabled participants.

If you wish to participate please send an e-mail to  by 02/05/2023 at the latest, so we can send you the ZOOM link for the workshop.

If you require further information/clarification please contact us, or visit our website 

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