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date :

31 JAN – 01 FEB 2023

place :




14 – 16 March, 2023

place :


Digital Performance - GaTO EsCALDADO

date :

06 – 23 JUN  2023

place :

ACT- A Theatrer School


With the photos posted here, you will have the opportunity to understand our rehearsal process, which took place between the 6th and 21st of June 2023. We also included several photos from our recording days, which started on the 22nd of June. During our rehearsals we tried to develop several games, in order to break the ice between the cast. We also had several conversations where we explored the scenes we wanted to create, and where we developed the scenes and texts for the digital performance, always taking as a starting point true stories that unfortunately still happen today. We also posted videos from the beginning of our first 3 rehearsals, which took place on the 6th, 7th and 9th of June, where you could watch some games and some conversations that we developed in the first days of work.


The first rehearsals took place in ACT- A Theatrer School that supported us in this project,

the last rehearsals took place in INATEL, a foundation that has supported our theater company since our first year of existence.


The Digital Performance was shot in a old battlefield in Trafaria, Almada.

Digital Performance - GRODZKI Theater

date :

13- 14 – 15 JUN  2023

place :

Old Bielsko


Rehearsals for “Trojan Women” at the Grodzki Theater concluded with a three-day filming session on June 13, 14 and 15, 2023. Scenes recorded on those days in the open air, involving puppets, actors and more than twenty extras, will make up the opening and closing images of the show created simultaneously in Poland, Greece and Portugal. Episodes of the procession with statues of Poseidon and Athena and the actions of the Trojan women in the space of the medieval fortress in Old Bielsko were filmed, as well as the conversation of the animated gods against the sky. Working on the film set proved to be a very important and interesting experience for the participants, although it was necessary to repeat many shots and synchronize the actions of the whole group.

Digital Performance - THEAMA

date :

5 APRIL – 7 July 2023

place :


NOTES: Our rehearsals took place at the ISON theater (Melenikou 33, Athens) from April 5th to June 16th. The Digital performance was shot in Dromokaiteion Psychiatric Hospital of Athens from July 3rd to July 7th, 2023. Previously, test shots had been made at the venue from July 1st to July 2nd, 2023. The location was symbolically selected in two derelict hospital wards, at the oldest hospital compound in the Athens region and in line with the film context of reviving abandoned locations. Specifically following the structure of the script and the scenes assigned to us - as had been agreed upon at the artistic meeting in Lisbon, the sequence of filming was as follows: 1st day: The scene of Hecube and the messenger Talthybius took place. 2nd day: The scene of Andromache, messenger Talthybius and Chorus took place. Day 3: The Helen and Menelaus scene took place. 4th day: Performed scenes from the Chorus. Day 5: The Cassandra and Chorus scene took place. It is worth noting that an on-site survey was conducted in the previous days by the film crew to ensure the full accessibility of the participants and of course for the needs of the filming. The photographic material posted here is from the rehearsals at the ISON theater, from the filming as well as two indicative videos from the first and third day of shooting.


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